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Gorgeous Baroque and Rococo Style Paper Wigs Adorned With Exaggerated Modern Twists

Russian artist Asya Kozina has created an absolutely gorgeous line of Baroque and Rococo style wigs that are made completely out of paper and are adorned with fabulously exaggerated modern twists, such as airplanes, ferris wheels, great ships and skyscrapers.

Baroque and Rococo wigs used to be adorned with symbols of luxury, sophistication and the romantic spirit of the time. They were frequently bedecked with model frigates and intricate still lives composed of exotic fruits, flowers and even stuffed birds. This historic trend inspired us to link our paper Baroque wigs with the similar symbols of our time. We knew at once that we wanted to take up the airplane and the skyscraper as the symbols of our time that are both bright and beautiful. Our new series is a combination of old and new luxury, where the skyscraper rises at the top of an ornate hairstyle, and the plane is decorated with flowers and ostrich feathers.

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Musician Performs an Impressive Continuous Solo on a Really Odd Triple Neck 6-String Bass

Triple Neck Bass Davie504

Davie504, the talented bassist who is constantly performing in new and creative ways, successfully answered an online challenge to play a continuous solo on an triple neck bass. This bass was quite unusual as the first neck was fretless, the second had only two strings and the third only three strings. In typical fashion, however, Davie easily conquered the challenge without breaking a sweat.

Playing a Trriple Neck Bass Guitar… 6 strings in total, but on three necks… One neck is fretless.. This is one of the craziest instruments ever!

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A Sesame Street Tour of a Saxophone Factory That’s Set to an Incredible Soundtrack of Freestyle Jazz

In 1980, Sesame Street took their viewers on a tour of a saxophone factory, showing each and every step that made the instrument take shape. This fantastic tour was set to an incredible soundtrack of freestyle jazz being performed by an off-camera sax player, who suddenly appeared and proclaimed “Saxophone”

Sax Player Sesame Street

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Seeing One Example Of Merging Neutron Stars Raises Five Incredible Questions (Synopsis)

“O. Hahn and F. Strassmann have discovered a new type of nuclear reaction, the splitting into two smaller nuclei of the nuclei of uranium and thorium under neutron bombardment. Thus they demonstrated the production of nuclei of barium, lanthanum, strontium, yttrium, and, more recently, of xenon and caesium. It can be shown by simple considerations that this type of nuclear reaction may be described in an essentially classical way like the fission of a liquid drop, and that the fission products must fly apart with kinetic energies of the order of hundred million electron-volts each.” -Lise Meitner

Now that we’ve observed merging neutron stars for the first time, in many different wavelengths of light as well as in gravitational waves, we’ve got a whole new world of data to work with. We’ve independently confirmed that gravitational waves are real and that we can, in fact, pinpoint their locations on the sky. We’ve demonstrated that merging neutron stars create short gamma ray bursts, and shown that the origin of the majority of elements heavier than the first row of transition metals comes primarily from neutron star-neutron star mergers.

This color-coded periodic table groups elements by how they were produced in the universe. Hydrogen and helium originated in the Big Bang. Heavier elements up to iron are generally forged in the cores of massive stars. The electromagnetic radiation captured from GW170817 now confirms that elements heavier than iron are synthesized in large amounts the aftermath of neutron star collisions. Image credit: Jennifer Johnson / SDSS.

But the new discovery raises a ton of questions, too. Seeing this event has presented theorists with a number of new challenges, ranging from the event rate being some ten times as great as expected to much more matter being ejected than we’d thought. And what was it that was left behind? Was it a neutron star? A black hole? Or an exotic object that’s in its own class?

We knew that when two neutron stars merge, as simulated here, they create gamma-ray burst jets, as well as other electromagnetic phenomena. But whether you produce a neutron star or a black hole, as well as how much of a UV/optical counterpart is produced, should be strongly mass-dependent. Image credit: NASA / Albert Einstein Institute / Zuse Institute Berlin / M. Koppitz and L. Rezzolla.

There are some great advances that the future will hold for gravitational wave and neutron star astronomy, but it’s up to theorists to explain why these objects behave as they do. Here are five burning questions we now have.

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George Springer robs Todd Frazier of extra bases

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 21: Houston Astros center fielder George Springer (4) makes the catch for the out in the eighth inning during an MLB game between the Houston Astros and the White Sox at Minute Maid Park, Thursday, September 21, 2017. Chicago White Sox defeated Houston Astros 3-1. (Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire)

Houston Astros centerfielder George Springer soared through the autumn night to rob Todd Frazier of extra bases in Game 6 of the ALCS. Off the bat, it appeared Frazier may have knotted the game at 3 apiece, before Springer arrived on the scene with his glove, crashing into the wall with ball in hand.

That catch led to Verlander escaping the seventh inning without a scratch.

Springer’s bat hasn’t delivered it’s normal thunder in the ALCS, but this play is looking to at the very least force a Game 7 and give Houston a shot at a World Series berth.

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Heyman | Firing Baker diminishes Nationals and MLB

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 10: Nationals manager Dusty Baker acknowledges the crowd during player introductions prior to game 3 of the NLDS between the Washington Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers on October 10, 2016, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire)

Dusty Baker’s hip, one-line response to my text about his firing shows why he has the right mature, measured persona to manage a 25-man roster of egos. “Life is a trip!” Dusty wrote back.

Which shows you again, Baker is as cool as Washington Nationals ownership is panicky.

Hard to believe, with Baker’s ouster, the Nats will be going on their fourth manager in six years. Going back further, they have had more managers since moving to Washington than everyone besides the Marlins and Mariners, two organizations not nearly as successful, nor worth emulating.

The Nats diminished themselves with their nonsensical call to fire Baker, and they diminished baseball, as well. Whether they believe it or not at the moment, this is a Hall of Famer personality and person who made baseball – and the Nats – better.

The Nats look nothing short of ridiculous with this decision. Baker, a three-time Manager of the Year, won 95 games his first year in Washington, 97 in his second. There are managers going on endlessly in baseball who haven’t been in the playoffs in years.

Managers don’t get fired for winning 97 games (99 counting the playoffs), not when they lost so many key players to injury and not when they managed without a bullpen (and without complaint) for half a year.

The Nats lost Adam Eaton for the year. They lost Jayson Werth most of the year. They lost Trea Turner for a long spell. Same for Bryce Harper. The pen was the worst in baseball before general manager Mike Rizzo fixed it with a couple of trades. Once he did, Baker picked the right closer, Sean Doolittle, and the Nats were off and running.

Baker’s crime was a final-game, one-run defeat to the Dodgers last year when Clayton Kershaw came out of the pen for L.A., and a five-game defeat to the Cubs this year, when Baker called Max Scherzer out of the pen and somehow five runs scored with him on the mound.

“How could they possibly fire Dusty?” one rival GM wondered the other day, after the decision seemed to start dragging on.

Well, of course they could. The Nats have panicked before, and they probably will panic again.

They’ve always struck me as one of the most uptight organizations. That’s why Baker was so refreshing as their main voice.

FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2016 file photo, Washington Nationals manager Dusty Baker watches baseball batting practice at Nationals Park in Washington. Instead of revamping their roster after yet another early playoff exit, the Washington Nationals head to spring training next week counting on a bounce-back year from Bryce Harper and a full season from Stephen Strasburg. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Over the past couple of days, it started to become clear there was an internal debate going on. Baker, who looked spent right after the Nats were eliminated, made clear he wanted another crack it at it. But the ball was squarely in the Nats’ court.

He just waited. Then waited some more. Assuming the delay wasn’t just a ploy to make it look good (unlikely), there was real deliberation, and debate going on. Still, it’s hard to understand why they think they have a better answer.

Rizzo wouldn’t get into all that after the deed was done, saying only that they make their decisions as a group. But the belief is that it was ownership that had its doubts about Baker.

Rizzo was on the record many times saying he hoped and expected to get something done. Rizzo went to Baker with a month to go and let him know they wanted him back. They decided to talk after the season.

Obviously, the ending was painful for Nats people. But the moment after the Nats were eliminated, Rizzo said on TV that Baker was a “Hall of Famer,” which he had said all along.

There is wonder whether the press conference where Baker didn’t know what day Stephen Strasburg threw a bullpen, and said he was “under the weather,” made a difference. The reality is 1) anyone can misspeak once, 2) someone probably gave him the wrong info on Stras, and 3) saying he was “under the weather” didn’t look great at the moment, but if it had any effect on coaxing the right call and result out of the quirky Strasburg, it should be regarded as a positive.

There is word that a player or two wondered if Baker might be too “old school,” and if so those players are reading too much Twitter. In any case, there’s no good reason to let the inmates run the asylum, or kids have influence over organizational calls.

This falls on ownership, however, as the history suggests they simply can’t help themselves. They’ve run through quite a variety of skippers in D.C., but Baker was the best one they ever had.

The names out there now are mostly first-year types, which is all well and good because it’s hard to see anyone established wanting that chair now.

A few names have come out as potential replacements for Baker, and if some of the ones heard or speculated so far have any validity, the Nats are even nuttier than I suspect.

More Coverage:

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Redskins RB Rob Kelley expects to play Monday night

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 02: Washington Redskins running back Rob Kelley (20) before an NFL game between the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs on October 2, 2017 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. The Chiefs won 29-20. (Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire)

Trailing the Philadelphia Eagles by 1.5 games in the NFC East standings and having already lost the first meeting the season, Monday’s game is a big one for the Washington Redskins. And there’s a decent chance that Jay Gruden will have a key offensive option available, as running back Rob Kelley said following Friday’s practice that he expects to play Monday night.

Kelley, who got the starting nod in Washington’s first three games of the season, has missed the team’s last two games with rib and ankle injuries. According to the Washington Post, if Kelley is able to play he’ll likely return to the starting lineup. For his part, Kelley said that he’s felt good despite being a limited participant in the team’s first two practices of the week.

“I was expecting some rust,” Kelley said after Friday’s practice according to the Washington Post, “but I had a few good runs the past few days…We’ll figure out in the game if there’s rust or not.”

With Rob Kelley sidelined, Chris Thompson and Samaje Perine handled the running back responsibilities for Washington. In addition to leading the team in rushing with 175 yards, Thompson has also proven himself to be a good option in the passing game as he leads Washington in receiving yards (340) and is tied for the team lead in receptions (18). As for Perine, he’s rushed for 166 yards on 55 carries.

Should Kelley be ready to go Monday night, Washington will have three capable options to look to as they try to close the gap in the NFC East race.

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Photo Of The Day By Chris Byrne

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Great Smoky Mountains Eclipse” by Chris Byrne. Location: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.
Photo By Chris Byrne

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Great Smoky Mountains Eclipse” by Chris Byrne. Location: Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee.

“The phases of the eclipse over the Smoky Mountains as seen from the Foothills Parkway,” describes Byrne.

Photo of the Day is chosen from various OP galleries, including AssignmentsGalleries and the OP Contests. Assignments have weekly winners that are featured on the OP website homepage, FacebookTwitter and Instagram. To get your photos in the running, all you have to do is submit them.

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POP!_OS is a developer-focused minimalist Linux distro from System 76

There aren’t that many Linux hardware manufacturers around. Of the few that exist, System 76 is amongst the most well-known. It offers a slew of laptops and desktops, all shipping with the popular Ubuntu distro pre-installed, saving customers hours of wasted time dealing with driver hell. But it recently announced it’s changing gears and creating its own Linux distro, which will replace Ubuntu on its systems, called POP!_OS. Unlike other Linux distributions, which are increasingly geared towards mainstream users, POP!_OS unashamedly targets power users – like programmers, scientists, roboticists, and makers. System 76’s Sriram Ramkrishna explained that the goal of…

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Wicked Audio’s Outcry Extreme is my favorite Bluetooth speaker under $60

I tested out Wicked Audio’s Outcry Extreme Bluetooth speaker just in time for Halloween, and it’s been great to party with. I used it in a number of environments and found a lot to like. It’s a quality speaker that literally growls and barks (more on this later), plus it sounds pretty good thanks to two 45mm drivers. The Outcry Extreme is a sturdy dual-speaker that lives at the low-end of high quality. I give it top marks for manufacturing and durability. It’s over half a kilo (1.5 lbs) of plastic and metal sturdy enough to suffer some drops. In…

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