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Poles and the Holocaust in Historical Perspective

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s recent reference to “Jewish perpetrators” of the Holocaust aggravated an already volatile standoff between Poles and Jews caused by the new Polish law that seeks to criminalize holding Poland responsible for the atrocities perpetrated by Nazi Germany on German soil during World War II. Asked at a press conference in Munich on February 17th by the son of a Holocaust survivor whether he could be prosecuted for recounting how his mother was betrayed to the Nazis by her Polish neighbor, Morawiecki replied, “Of course it’s not going to be punishable, not going to be seen as criminal, to say that there were Polish perpetrators, as there were Jewish perpetrators, as there were Russian perpetrators, as there were Ukrainian, not only German perpetrators.”

Let’s be clear: there were no Jewish “perpetrators” of the Holocaust. All Jews were intended victims of the Hitlerite “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” As World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has correctly pointed out:

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Le Pen Set To Speak At CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is a yearly exercise that celebrates the intellectual mantle handed down from Edmund Burke to Dinesh D’Souza. It’s a chance to hear informative speeches from politically-minded thinkers like Rick Harrison, the former host of The Apprentice, and Charlie Kirk.

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Hungry for Kosher Food in Taiwan? Look for the Swastikas.

Considering that we would be in Taiwan for 24 hours total, my travel buddy and I didn’t worry too much about finding kosher food. We’d arrive on a plane in the morning and leave on another plane the following morning. We’d bring our usual picnic bag with challah rolls and other sorts of Jewish foods we always take with us when we fly abroad. Still, I wanted to make sure we’d easily find something vegan to eat in case of need.

The advice of my Lonely Planet travel guide, which I borrowed from the library a few days prior to the trip, was clear: it said to look for the swastikas.

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IDF Officer Debates Former Syrian Military Officer on Al Jazeera

Yesterday, Israel Defense Forces major Avichai Adraee debated Saleh Qirata, a Spain-based former Syrian military officer and Assad supporter, on Al Jazeera Arabic’s “The Other Side.” The two were invited to discuss this week’s events in Syria, including a sustained  aerial bombardment launched by the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad on East Ghouta, an fully regime-blockaded opposition-controlled neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus where between 350,000 and 400,000 people are currently under siege. As many as 300 people were killed in a three-day period earlier this week, and the attacks worsened starvation conditions that the regime had already imposed. 

Adraee, who Tablet profiled earlier this month, is known for engaging Hezbollah fighters in Arabic on social media—one of his exchanges even provoked dueling columns in the Hezbollah-aligned Lebanese newspaper al Akhbar. He and Qirata debated in Arabic, with Adraee appearing on the Qatari state television network in his IDF uniform.

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Software Engineer Gives Run-Through of a Complex Custom Puzzle Box That He Built For His Dad

Custom Puzzle Box

Amazon software development engineer Ryan Calme built an incredibly complex custom puzzle box for his father and posted a video run-through of how its numerous layers of mechanisms work. All of Calme’s design files, software, and documentation are available to download from GitHub.

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A Functioning LEGO Harvesting Machine

A Functioning Harvesting Machine Made Out of LEGO

The Brick Wall built a functioning harvesting machine out of LEGO Technic pieces and a CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC tractor. They were able to control the machine from their tablet using SBrick Plus.

My Mom asked me to pick up vegetables and fruits in the backyard. I think Lego can do it for me.

via The Awesomer

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An Adorable St. Bernard Puppy Tries to Make Friends With the Resident Goats at the Sunflower Creamery

St Bernard Meets Goats

In June 2017, the proprietors of the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine brought home an adorable Saint Bernard puppy named Frances, who trotted around the yard and into barn to really try to win over the hearts of the resident goats of the farm. Being that Frances is deaf, she was unable to hear the braying of the goats, but was quickly able to read the hircine body language. While all the goats were curious, only one named Mildred stuck around a bit longer to see what this lumbering pup was all about. The two eventually became friends.

The goats are very interested in figuring out what she is and so far Mildred the 8 week old goat kid is most interested in befriending her. Turns out they were both born on the same day! (April 24!) Mildred had a rough start and grew up inside for her first two weeks sandwiched between our Pug Rex (who recently died) and a heater on his dog bed, so it is no surprise that she is the least suspicious of the pup.

Mildred didn’t even seem to mind when Frances tried to edge in on her feeding time.

Yet, two months later in August, a growing Frances went into the barn again with a bit more confidence, only to be physically rebuffed by her new friend.

Mildred our Nigerian Dwarf Goat kid spent her first two weeks of life inside the house because we were not sure she was going to make it. …Now she is about 4 months old and becoming boss of the barn. While we unloaded this year’s hay, Mildred and her goat friend Rhubarb, worked on some subtle manners lessons for Frances the new farm pup…

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Why a Party Doesn’t Always Meet the Social Expectations of Truly Extroverted People

In a fascinating animation, the ever-insightful School of Life explains why people who consider themselves truly sociable quite often don’t enjoy the impersonal nature of parties. Issues such as loud music, alcohol and not necessarily knowing everyone in the room can leave a great deal wanting in term of social expectations for such a person. Instead they may prefer instead a quiet night or a small group dinner with friends in order to meet their need for to make a true connection with others.

Parties have become synonymous with sociability because of certain underlying ideas about what true social connection might require and entail. …..If we have a lingering horror of parties, we should be generous towards our hunches. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like other people, rather that we have too ambitious a conception of social contact to put up with what is on offer at most parties. The mark of a truly sociable person might, in many situations, simply be a strong desire to stay at home.

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The Inconveniently Unpleasant Importance of Being Able to Feel Pain

Life Noggin narrator Pat Graziosi aka Blocko humorously explains that while pain is usually inconvenient and unpleasant, it is of vital importance in understanding what’s going on in terms of health and/or danger. Blocko also warns that not being able to feel pain can be dangerous as well, whether it’s due to chronic disease or due to addictive pain killers.

One is called CIPA, or the congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. The condition has two main defining characteristics: the inability to sense or feel pain and temperatures, and decreased or absent sweating. It can be common for people with CIPA to unintentionally injure themselves…Most people do feel pain though, and one way doctors try to treat pain is with painkillers. This can sometimes be troublesome since painkillers are often based on compounds that can be addictive.

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Jewish Stars: A Conversation with Rachel Winter

By all accounts, Rachel Winter, the Oscar-nominated producer of Jean-Marc Vallee’s landmark 2013 drama Dallas Buyers Club, which charts the real-life story of Ron Woodroof, a Texas hustler who bucked the system to get AIDS patients their medication in the 1980s, is “a nice Jewish girl from the Valley.”

Which is ironic considering she got her career start in porn.

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