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People From Around the World Share How They Say ‘Cheers’ in Their Respective Native Languages

In a spirited episode of the Condé Nast Traveler series Many People from Many Countries Say Things, 70 different people from all over the world shared how they say “Cheers” in their native languages. While the words varied from country to country, the ritual of declaring a general toast aloud with an accompanying drink was universally familiar to all.

Learn how to say cheers in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Thai, and many more dialects. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how do I say cheers’ around the world, this how-to video will have you clinking glasses like a local in no time.

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Classic Books Adorned With Decorative Papercraft Versions of the Subject Described Within the Pages

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Welsh artist Kate Kato of Kassagi Design creates really wonderful sculptures using old books and manuals and then adorning them with beautifully decorative papercraft version of the subject found within the pages. For example, The Observers Book of Birds grew a pair of feathered wings, while The Observers Book of Common Fungi sported a several varietals of mushrooms and flowers sprouted out of The Observers Book of Garden Flowers. Kato explained in her bio for her Etsy Store that she enjoys giving new life to old things.

I am drawn to the colours, shapes and textures found in nature which I explore using the materials I have collected. I enjoy bringing new life to old and rejected objects or materials rather than leaving them to waste and I am fascinated by the way their history adds to the detail and the uniqueness of each piece. You won’t always find the same material or object twice so can never reproduce the same work exactly, much like the way things are created in nature.

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Former Police Officer Becomes an Active Air Rescue Specialist After His Retirement From the Force

A hero is something that I think I strive for everyday. I don’t think I will ever reach that goal. I think the challenge is in reaching for it, not achieving it

The first episode in the second season of the AARP series Spinoffs features the very likable Dick Sine, a former Ohio police officer who took up a second career as an active air rescue specialist in Montana after he retired from the force. Sine, who was once the youngest police officer in Ohio, told AARP that he’d always wanted to be in emergency medicine and his retirement offered him the time to go to school to prepare for this physically and mentally challenging second career of rescuing people (and dogs) who are stranded on top of a mountain.

When you have to have a helicopter come pick you up off the top of a mountain you are not having a good day. We rescued a …16 year old boy and he had a dog with him and obviously you’re not gonna pick a 16 year old boy up and leave his dog in the woods to die. So I got that dog in my arms and we came up on the hook with that dog squirming. To know that you’re doing that for somebody and giving them a very real second chance at being alive that’s pretty rewarding.

Dick Sine Dog Rescue AARP

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Perspective, A Whimsical Photo Series of Food, Flowers and Plants Distorted by Glasses of Water

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Photographer Suzanne Saroff has captured a unique way of viewing common sundries such as fruits, flowers, plants and a fish, with her whimsical series “Perspective“. To get that unique view, Saroff places the item(s) directly behind clear cylinders and water glasses of different sizes filled with different levels of water. These translucent items distort the image into an wonderfully abstract incongruity, making the item appear to be different sizes, shapes and girths within itself. Saroff explained how she came up with the idea in an interview with Booooooom

Taking shape via shadows or fragmentations, my subjects often become more than the singular and expected version of themselves. By utilizing clear forms like cylinders and glasses of water, a watermelon can be multiplied, stretched and flipped as it dances and contorts within the walls of overlapping glass

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Stunning Photos of a Beautiful Shepherd Dog Posing Happily With His Owl Friends

German photographer Tanja Brandt has captured the sheer beauty of unusual friendships with an absolutely stunning photo series featuring her beloved shepherd dog Ingo and his variety of feathered owl friends. Normally these species don’t interact together very much, but Brandt’s photos show that friendship can cross all sorts of unlikely boundaries. Brandt shared how her love of animals in a 2015 interview with Bored Panda.

“I’ve always loved animals, since I was a baby, unlike the rest of my family. …When I was little, I found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. Many people could learn from them.

Laughing by Tanja Brandt on

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Flowers by Tanja Brandt on

April by Tanja Brandt on

Dreams by Tanja Brandt on

Abstand by Tanja Brandt on

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Friedman | Social media has changed everything

The Twitter logo appears at the post where it trades, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, Friday, June 17, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Social media has been a game-changer in so many aspects globally in the last decade, and its influence only seems to be growing as each year goes by.

Whether or not we should weep for humanity because of this trend is another discussion for another day.

The wide grasp of the internet also assures that not much tends to go undetected these days, which extends to conversations on the radio.

One man quite familiar with that particular conundrum is NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman, who had a Tuesday afternoon hit on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650.

Toward the end of the segment on The Program with Andrew Walker and Dan Riccio, Riccio posed a question that allowed Friedman the chance to delve into this topic – on which he’s been somewhat vocal in the past few years.

“Just looking through the Thoughts and thinking as we talk here, you have so many notes about Canadian GMs,” began Riccio. “I can’t get over, Elliotte, how difficult a job that must be. Every little move for every Canadian team is just poured over by its hardcore fan base, and more so than in most American cities I would imagine. For all of these guys, they’ve got to be looking over their shoulder all of the time, no?”

“Well, I think the thing that’s interesting about that Dan is the one thing I would say for sure is the relationships are much more tense than they used to be,” noted Friedman. “From the time I came into the business in 1993 – so now this has been 25 years – the amount of battles you have, there’s more than ever. And the amount of pushback you get, there’s more than ever.

“For example, I get along pretty well with Trevor Linden. But a couple of years ago he told people at a fan forum he didn’t like what I wrote on the Dan Hamhuis deal. And he called me, and we had a conversation about it. And the conversation wasn’t nasty or anything like that, but he didn’t like it and he called me about it.

“And it was fine. We worked our way through it. But that happens a lot more now. It happens more in Canada, I agree, because the scrutiny is very intense. But it happens for the American guys too.

“I think social media – and you guys know this – social media has changed everything. The radio hits now – they terrify me. Because radio used to be a place where you shot the breeze, you guys asked a question, I answered the question, maybe I threw a scenario – you never took radio as seriously from a reporting point of view. Unless you came on and said, ‘I am reporting this.’ It was always, ‘This is my theory.’

“Like to me, radio is a bar. I envision the three of us having this conversation right now, we’re sitting at a bar, we’re having a couple of beers or whatever your guys’ drink of choice is, and we’re talking sports.

“But it’s gone to now people say what you say as gospel. It’s a report. It’s that teams are thinking of doing this. And that’s where I think everything has really changed. It goes viral. While it annoys me the way it’s done that, I know I have to be a lot more careful. Because it used to be you said something on radio and it went ‘poof’ up into the atmosphere, now it’s going everywhere.

“And I don’t like that because I still see this as a bar conversation – the problem is you can’t see it as a bar conversation when nobody else does. So you have to kind of change the way you do things.

“I do think that’s changed a lot for both the GMs, the teams, and the reporters. There’s no question about that.”  

One problem with social media, as we’ve found to be particularly harmful in the political arena, is that misinformation can spread like wildfire. And once it’s out there, it tends to stay out there.

In that respect, a comment from a radio hit could be taken out of context and then retweeted or reposted again and again. If your remarks were being misconstrued in that manner, you’d probably be pretty pissed too.

Yes, there is big difference between an Insider saying, “I”d imagine that Team X would have interest in Player Y,” compared with “Team X is actively pursuing Player Y,” and that’s one of the underlying points of Friedman’s bar talk perspective.

Some people can hear either one of those examples and still come away with the latter (a report) as the takeaway, rather than the (simply conversational conjecture) former. But should the inevitability that a section of people are going to be unable to distinguish nuance really prevent the Insiders from having these sorts of conversations? No. No it should not. Fans love these radio hits.   

That’s where accurately conveying those comments, in their context, is invaluable. People can still take anything they want from those reports and twist that information to suit their purposes, but that can be done with a TV appearance (including on-air intermission banter) or the Insiders’ own articles as well.

Yes, it’s been clearly noticeable that the four key Insiders who have been covered extensively in this space over the past three year or so – Friedman, Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun – have become much more careful with their wording on the radio in the past few years, and the last year or so in particular.

Why? They don’t want to get radioed. That’s their term for it.

All I can speak to is what’s written in this space.

Have I been perfect in my coverage of them? I’d imagine not. The sheer number of radio hits I monitor weekly and the amount of information through which I sift to present you the interesting nuggets likely means something could have been handled better here or there.

I still stand by every single report I’ve produced over the years, both for accuracy of the quotes and the context in which they’ve been presented. 

The fact that more hockey fans – most of whom are working during the day and can’t listen to these radio appearances, especially out of market – are able to see what the Insiders are discussing in this realm is a positive, not a negative.  

Friedman realizes that, has recalibrated his radio approach, and people who enjoy his perspective have more access to it.

Source: Sportsnet 650

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Nate Diaz reveals UFC return date in epic IG rant

March 5, 2016; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Nate Diaz fights against Conor McGregor during UFC 196 at MGM Grand Garden Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At long last, we may have an idea on when Nate Diaz may make his highly anticipated return to the UFC.

As expected, the insight from Diaz didn’t come without a few expletives. NSFW-sensitive folks, be warned:

Diaz hasn’t competed in the UFC since August 2016, dropping a narrow majority decision to Conor McGregor in their blockbuster rematch at UFC 202.

We now have a date, but an opponent? That’s entirely up in the air.

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Trae Young dazzles to cap Oklahoma comeback over KU

Gunning for a Big 12 regular-season championship for a staggering 12th straight season, Kansas has to navigate some ranked competition away from home down the stretch to secure that title. And Tuesday night in Norman, Okla., the No. 6 Jayhawks couldn’t hold off the No. 12 Oklahoma Sooners. Two Sooners 3-pointers in the final 70 seconds of play lifted the hosts to an 85-80 victory over the Jayhawks in a pivotal showdown, at least for Oklahoma’s hopes of unseating Kansas’ endless stranglehold on this conference.

Christian James and Brady Manek swished triples, with James’ giving the Sooners (15-4, 5-3 Big 12) their first lead since the beginning of the second half and Manek’s finishing off the Jayhawks (16-4, 6-2) in a game they were poised to win. Trae Young dished out assists on both of these critical makes, adding to another dominant performance.

Oklahoma had not beaten Kansas since March 2015, with the Jayhawks sweeping the season series the past two years.

A presumptive 2018 NBA lottery pick, Young finished with 26 points on just nine shot attempts. The freshman made seven of those and went 10-for-11 from the free-throw line. Young handed out nine assists, none bigger than finding James (15 points) and Manek (14) to lift Oklahoma into a tie for second place in the Big 12.

The Sooners are now tied with West Virginia and Kansas State in second, with Texas Tech also having just three Big 12 losses. Kansas’ lead is now at one game.

The Jayhawks led by 10 with just more than nine minutes remaining, but the Sooners continued to get to the line to narrow the deficit. Young and Rashard Odomes combined to sink 9 of 10 free throws over the next six minutes, setting up the Sooners for the go-ahead opportunity.

These powerhouse programs reconvene on Feb. 19 in Lawrence, Kan.

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Dolphins staff “kicking tires” on top QB prospects at Senior Bowl

Tuesday brought the first practices at the 2018 Senior Bowl, and also, the Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase and front office, as well.

While the Dolphins certainly have needs for the upcoming NFL Draft at several positions: offensive line, running back and defensive back to name three, there is a lot of attention on the most important position, quarterback.

With Wyoming stud Josh Allen and Oklahoma Heisman winner Baker Mayfield both taking snaps and live reps, Fins fans are salivating at the possibilities.

There is no question that Allen has the size and the arm that fits the prototype QB mold. Interestingly, he’s spent time with the media defending his only average completion percentage of last season in college by trying to convince teams that what they see on the tape isn’t the player he actually is.

There’s also this item from Joe Schad in the Palm Beach Post that among other things, Allen actually plays Madden Football, as….Ryan Tannehill of the Dolphins.

Next, Mayfield arrived after lunch time in Mobile, Alabama and came straight to the North practice to display his skills. Unlike Allen, he does not have the same size and rocket arm. However, he does possess great awareness, mobility and an “it factor” that has teams, including the Dolphins intrigued.

Mayfield for the first of what will be many times in this pre-draft process met with the media after practice and had to distance himself from comparisons to a similar sized mobile QB, Johnny Manziel. “Everybody wants to portray the bad boy, the Johnny Manziel stuff,” Mayfield said. “But I love the game of football. There’s no doubt about that. Emotional player. I’ll do everything it takes to win. I love being around my teammates and I love leading and having responsibility.”

Even though he’s there to practice and meet with teams, if they want, it’s rumored Mayfield is likely to skip the actual game Saturday. We’ll see.

Also, on Tuesday night, the Dolphins are expected to meet with Mason Rudolph in Mobile. He’s unable to practice, much less play, with a sprained foot.

With Miami picking at #11, they will be obviously be linked to the QB position for the next 90 days, but it’s a deep draft at that position, they can be selective.

Currently, they’re doing the smart thing. Go watch and talk to them all, as much as you can.

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Virginia’s defense suffocates Clemson in Top 25 showdown

Jan 23, 2018; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Virginia Cavaliers guard Kyle Guy (5) reacts on the court against the Clemson Tigers in the first half at John Paul Jones Arena. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Cavaliers pulled away from the Clemson Tigers for a dominating, 61-36, victory at home on Tuesday night. Virginia entered halftime with just a four-point lead, before suffocating the Clemson offensive attack, limiting them to just 13 points over the final 20 minutes.

The No. 2-ranked Cavaliers once again let their defense lead them to victory, moving to 19-1 on the year overall, remaining unbeaten in all eight ACC games to this point. They entered the game as the nation’s No. 1 defensive team, allowing 52.4 points per game.

Clemson struggled from the field overall, shooting just 31.9 percent, including 15 percent from 3-point range. Only senior guard Gabe DeVoe finished the game in double figures, as the Tigers finished with 19 turnovers, while assisting on only six baskets. All five Clemson starters committed multiple turnovers.

The Cavaliers were not a beacon of efficiency in their own right, but managed to score enough in the second half to pull away convincingly. Senior guard Devon Hall led the team with 14 points, adding five rebounds, three blocks, and two assists. Also stuffing the stat sheet was sophomore Ty Jerome, who had eight points, five rebounds, four steals, and three assists in the win.

Neither team did much in way of getting to the free-throw line, with the two teams combining for just 12 free throws the entire game.

Virginia’s next challenge comes on Saturday when they travel to take on the No. 4 Duke Blue Devils.

Even with the loss, No. 18 Clemson sits at 16-4 on the year. Having alternated losses and wins in its last five conference games, Clemson travels to take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Sunday.

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