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Video: Relive the GeekWire Bash 2018 with Sounders, startups, and our Impact Partners

If you didn’t have a chance to win a dodgeball championship, battle a Sounders player in FIFA, fly through the air on a cross-venue zipline, or participate in one of the other fun activities at the 2018 GeekWire Bash, we’ve got you covered.

Starla Sampaco, host of GeekWire’s new daily video show TLDR, takes us through the GeekWire Bash experience in the video above, providing a peek into our seventh annual anniversary party that has turned into a full-blown geek carnival.

Check out this post for a full recap of the event. See you at the GeekWire Awards in May.

A big thanks to the 2018 GeekWire Bash title sponsor: First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Also, thanks to Xiamen Air, the zipline sponsor; Avalara, the arcade sponsor; OfferUp, the sumo wrestling sponsor; T-Mobile, the dodgeball tournament sponsor; Sirqul, a bar sponsor; CenturyLink, our VR zone sponsor; and ChefSteps, our Joule cooking sponsor.

And thanks to our silver sponsors MozBellevue CollegeEY, Capital OnePerkins CoieBig FishTechPowerQualtricsRealSelf, and Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt.
And to our partners: DomainToolsAIEZipwhipPlayImpossibleMox Boarding HouseSounders FC and Skytap.

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Boeing’s 737 MAX 7 jet aces first flight

Boeing 737 MAX 7
Boeing’s 737 MAX 7 takes its first test flight. (Boeing Photo via Dennis Muilenburg / Twitter)

For its first test flight, the newest and smallest sibling in Boeing’s top-selling 737 family of jets, the 737 MAX 7, took a three-hour trip today from Renton, Wash., to Seattle’s Boeing Field, just eight miles away.

Getting from Point A to Point B wasn’t the point: Instead, the circuitous journey was designed to give test pilots a chance to put the plane through its paces for the first time in the air. The flight path ranged from the tip of Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula to Moses Lake in central Washington, with several photogenic circles around Mount Rainier added for good measure.

The pilots were greeted with applause as they emerged from the cockpit at Boeing Field, at the end of a trouble-free flight.

Like the other single-aisle 737 MAX variants, the MAX 7 has been optimized for low-cost operation. It incorporates fuel-efficient CFM International LEAP-1B engines as well as lift-maximizing wingtips and other innovations. That’s expected to result in an 18 percent reduction in fuel costs per seat, compared to its predecessor, the 737-700.

The MAX 7’s passenger capacity can range from 138 to 172 seats, depending on the configuration. It has the farthest range of the 737 MAX family, amounting to 4,430 statute miles (3,850 nautical miles).

After further flight tests and certification, the MAX 7 is due to get its first delivery to Southwest Airlines and go into service next year.

The plane is the smallest member of a MAX family with capacities ranging as high as 230 seats. The first 737 MAX jet, the MAX 8, made its maiden flight in January 2016, and that was followed by the MAX 9’s aerial debut in April 2017.

A 200-seat version of the MAX 8, designed specifically for low-cost airlines and known as the MAX 200, should be ready for flight next year. The largest variant of the single-aisle jet family, the MAX 10, is scheduled to enter service in 2020.

The MAX line is part of what’s recognized as the world’s most widely sold commercial jet family. Just this week, Boeing rolled out its 10,000th 737 jet, a 737 MAX 8 that’s going to Southwest Airlines. But Boeing’s European rival, Airbus, is hot on the 737’s tail with its own single-aisle A320 family. Boeing has more than 4,600 orders lined up for 737s, while Airbus has a backlog of more than 6,000 A320 orders.

To date, the MAX 7 accounts for roughly 60 of Boeing’s orders.

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Facebook Decides on Israel’s Permanent Borders

Earlier this year, an Israeli site wanted to advertise its offerings to readers in Jerusalem. This being 2018, and all of advertising now held exclusively in Facebook’s claws, the site contacted the social media behemoth and paid for a campaign. When the time came to drill down on the ads’ geo-targeting, however, something strange happened: Facebook wouldn’t let them select any Jerusalem neighborhood east of the Green Line.

“Whoever is living in Jerusalem’s Arnona neighborhood has definitely seen our ads,” a spokesperson for the site told the Israeli press this week, “but anyone living in Har Homa, right next door, has never come across them.”

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In the Aftermath of an Assassination Attempt Against the Palestinian Prime Minister, Conspiracy Theories Abound

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah emerged visibly shaken but unscathed after an assassination attempt on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip. The soft-spoken former academic arrived in Gaza to open a sewage plant and attend some political meeting. He had barely crossed into Northern Gaza when his convoy, which included Palestinian Intelligence Chief Majid Farraj, was rocked by two 33-pound bombs. Seven security guards were wounded and three cars were damaged in the attack.

The Middle East media, never lacking in creativity or conspiracy theories, is now rife with nutty explanations for what happened. Some say it could be President Mahmoud Abbas’ longtime political nemesis Mohammed Dahlan behind the attack. Dahlan, now in political exile in the UAE, has fired back, saying that Israel “is the only beneficiary” of the attack. Still others blame Qatar and Iran, two countries that historically back the Hamas terrorist group, for destabilizing the Gaza Strip. I’m waiting for someone to blame Donald Trump.

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In Pro-Wrestling, the Jews Never Win

When World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced Bill Goldberg would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame prior to April’s WrestleMania 34, I was far from kvelling, because the only way a Jewish wrestler can find success in WWE is if he doesn’t have any stereotypical Jewish characteristics. Goldberg was the -ish in Jewish, and he didn’t resemble me at all.

Growing up an anxious kid in Albany, NY, I was obsessed with pro-wrestlers. While there were Latino, African American, Japanese, Samoan, and all-American WASP players, I was disappointed there were hardly any Jews. Whenever a wrestler’s Hebrew faith played a part in his character, he was a jobber, a term for a wrestler there only to make an opponent look good. In wrestling, everyone was a stereotype—but Jews lost, without fail.

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The Undercover Mossad Agent Who Became a Celebrated Egyptian Artist

Art is supposed to inspire dread and wonder and a sense of the sublime or the beautiful or both. Conceptual art, a catch-all for works in non-traditional media built around arcane theoretical gimmicks that are usually baffling to all but the most patient of museum-goers, almost never accomplishes this. But only almost never: A temporary exhibition of Israeli artist Tamir Zadok’s work, currently on display at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, succeeds where so much other high-concept work fails, motioning towards the biggest questions about the nature of art Itself without even a glimmer of pretentiousness. It helps that there’s a Mossad angle.

A 27-minute film and accompanying photograph and painting display, collectively titled Art Undercover, revisits one of the great overlooked episodes in the histories of both espionage and the visual arts—indeed, this story is so compelling, and such an interpretive puzzle-box, that I’m struggling to accept that it’s even true. In the early 1950s, a Mossad agent named Shlomo Cohen-Abravanel was sent to Egypt, under the cover-story that he was a French abstract painter named Charduval. Abravanel’s fake artist persona was so successful that he scored a small solo exhibition at Cairo’s Museum of Modern Art, while the actual Abravanel went on to design the Mossad’s official emblem.

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A Slick Rick and Morty Go on an Interdimensional Crime Spree in the Run The Jewels Video ‘Oh Mama’

Rick and Morty Oh Mama

In the video for the Run The Jewels song “Oh, Mama“, a rather slick Pulp Fiction styled Rick and Morty go on an interdimensional crime spree, leaving all sorts of bodies in their wake while fearlessly escaping fatal danger without a hair falling out of place. Of course, this being Rick and Morty, there’s always a catch and with Juan Meza-León as director and Adult Swim involved, it’s definitely a good one.

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A Clever Collage Shredding Trick That Uses a Hand Cranked Pasta Machine to Duplicate a Photo

Shredding Trick

YouTuber Kensuke Koike demonstrated a very clever collage trick with a hand-cranked pasta machine and a photo of a dog. After sending the photo through the pasta machine, he arranged the resulting strips into a duplicate of the same photo. He then put those two photos together, sent them back through the pasta machine and created four of the same photos from the strips.

Go buy a pasta machine, it’s fun! You can easily obtain stripes to make a collage, you can also weave them.

via reddit

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