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Heiress Arrested for Upper East Side Anti-Semitic Incident

This is why we never go to the Upper East Side: Heiress Jacqueline Kent Cooke, the daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke, allegedly uttered anti-Semitic statements at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve before assaulting a man with her fancy glass purse. According to the Daily News, she turned herself in at the 19th precinct station house and was arrested.

The incident reportedly began as Cooke was waiting to retrieve her coat after dinner at Caravaggio, the kind of sparklingly goyishe restaurant you’d never find across the park. Ahead of Cooke were Matthew Haberkorn, 52, a lawyer from San Francisco, his wife, four daughters, and 77-year-old mother. They were putting on their coats when the heiress, allegedly inebriated, lost her temper.

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Why a Muslim Comic Book Writer Just Introduced a Yeshiva Student Into the Marvel Universe

On December 20, the last day of Hanukkah, Jewish readers of the popular comic book superhero series Ms. Marvel got an unexpected present in its newest issue. Since 2015, the series has chronicled the escapades of teenager Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teen who serves as a shape-shifting crimefighter by night. Notably, Khan is a Muslim—the first to headline a superhero franchise in the Marvel Universe—as is the writer behind her adventures, G. Willow Wilson.

But the latest installment of Khan’s story turned the spotlight to a different religious tradition:

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BBC Drama ‘McMafia’ Hit With Accusations of Anti-Semitism

The hit new BBC drama McMafia is the story of Alex Godman, the British-educated son of a Russian gangster, who finds himself pulled into the world of international organized crime after an attempt on his uncle’s life. However, one Jewish group is taking issue with the portrayal of a rival Israeli businessman on the show. The real catch–the book on which the show is based didn’t even have Israelis.

The UK Lawyers for Israel (UKFLI), a pro-Israel advocacy group, issued a statement that accused McMafia of using “gratuitous slurs against Israeli businessmen” and of making “references to Israel which aren’t mentioned in the original book, McMafia, by Mischa Glenny” (Glenny’s 2009 book investigated international crime). The businessman in question is Semiyon Kleiman, an Israeli businessman played by David Strathairn (an inspired bit of casting, to say the least; Strathairn has also played über-WASP Edward R. Murrow).

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Farewell to the Scion of The Strand

Fred Bass, the man who built The Strand into the largest used bookstore in the world (“18 Miles of Books”), died yesterday. He was 89. The shop, never afraid of modernity despite its age, tweeted an obit.

Fred started working at The Strand (trivia: it’s officially “Strand,” but that sounds infelicitous) when he was 13, when it was still on Fourth Avenue. Back then, there were dozens of used and specialty bookshops on the strip of the Village known as “Book Row.” Almost all are gone now. Fred’s father Ben, a Lithuanian Jewish immigrant, started The Strand in 1927, with $300 in savings and $300 he’d borrowed from a pal. Fred’s mother Shirley, a Polish Jewish immigrant, died when he was six.

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A Willing Tabby Cat Demonstrates the Inexplicable Need for a Cat To Sit Inside a Square Made of Tape

Alvi the Cat in Tape Square

In 2014, we wrote about the odd phenomenon in which a cat will always sit inside a circle on the floor. It appears that this inexplicable need also applies to squares, as demonstrated by Alvi, a beautiful orange tabby. As if on cue, Alvi rose from his bed, investigated the square and immediately made himself comfortable inside the tape boundaries, a habit he continued for the next few days as well.

Just put a cardboard box in your room and no cat will resist the temptation to get in. But what happens if we only draw the outline of a box? Will just a square shape be enough to make him get in and feel comfortable?

This theory doesn’t always work, as demonstrated by the very beautiful Smoothie the Cat, who cautiously picked at the tape from the outside. Smoothie’s sibling Milkshake however, immediately walked over and sat right in the middle of the square.

via Tastefully Offensive

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The Omnicopter, A Super Agile Omni-Directional Drone That Can Play Catch With a Ball

The Omnicopter

Swiss mechanical engineer Dario Brescianini and ETH Zurich professor Raffaello D’Andrea worked together to create The Omnicopter, a super agile omni-directional drone that can fly in any direction, at any time. By adding a “computationally efficient trajectory generator,” their “six-degrees-of-freedom” Omnicopter gains the ability to impressively play catch with a ball.

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Hungry Otters Chirp Loudly and Hop Around Like Kangaroos In Anticipation of a Yummy Meal

Hungry Otters Jumping

An absolutely adorable romp of hungry Asian small-clawed otters at the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England stood at full attention when they saw their keeper come by. Knowing that he was there for a certain purpose, the excited little mammals began chirping and hopping up and down on their hind legs like kangaroos in anticipation of the yummy meal awaiting them.

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An Amusing Compilation of Arnold Schwarzenegger Repeating the Same Lines in Multiple Movies

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A Cranky Pelican With a Big Beak Tries to Bite a Camera That Comes Too Close for Comfort

Biting Pelican

In October 2017, a rather cranky and territorial pelican did his best to bite the camera belonging a Twycross Zoo visitor when it got too close to his enclosure. Despite the threat of biting, the visitor was able to capture amazing shots of the inside of the bird’s amazing pouch, mouth and throat.

This camera shy Pink-backed pelican from the Twycross Zoo in England is having a bit of an attitude as he shows visitors and the camera that he doesn’t like it when anybody or anything is getting too close to its fence.

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Charles Barkley should’ve just moved out of Shaq’s way

Nov 25, 2017; Auburn, AL, USA; Former player Charles Barkley greets fans before the game between the Auburn Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

With Georgia, the alma mater of “Inside the NBA” host Ernie Johnson, set to play for the national title Monday night the NBA on TNT crew has been having some fun with college football.

Charles Barkley had to foot the bill for a dinner that cost more than $12,000 after he lost a bet to Johnson, and the “Round Mound of Rebound” was on the losing end of another battle Thursday night.

Barkley was given the task of stopping Shaquille O’Neal, who made his way across the set after receiving a handoff from Tim Tebow. It didn’t end well for Barkley, who luckily was joking about his shoulder injury.

Like Johnson, Barkley arrived on set in a Georgia football jersey. Given the fact that Barkley attended Auburn, with Alabama being is alma mater’s bitter rival, that comes as no surprise.

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