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Women’s March Organizer and Farrakhan Fan Tamika Mallory Attacks The Anti-Defamation League

In February, the organizers of the 2017 Women’s March faced heavy criticism over their ties to Louis Farrakhan, a hate preacher with thousands of followers who has called Jews “Satanic,” claimed they were behind 9/11, and essentially popularized every anti-Semitic slur imaginable. The scrutiny of the Women’s March was precipitated by organizer Tamika Mallory’s attendance at Farrakhan’s annual Saviour’s Day address, where he interspersed his usual anti-Jewish and homophobic invective with praise of her, while she lodged no protest and posted photos from the event. A longtime supporter of Farrakhan, Mallory had previously called him “the greatest of all time” (“GOAT”), repeatedly publicized his speeches, shared his videos and words with her many followers on social media, and urged them to tune in to hear him speak.

Nine days after Mallory’s ties to Farrakhan—and those of fellow Women’s March organizers Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour—were exposed by mainstream voices like CNN’s Jake Tapper and the Anti-Defamation League, the Women’s March finally distanced themselves from Farrakhan, but did not explicitly condemn him. For her part, Mallory was unrepentant and refused to renounce Farrakhan or specifically condemn his hate. She continued to insist, however, that she was in fact a lifelong opponent of anti-Semitism.

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Today on Jewcy: The ‘Harry Potter’ author defends Jews online.

Earlier today, a regular occurrence ran its course—JK Rowling saw a tweet that upset her, and so took to Twitter to retort. Fans have learned to hold their breath whenever she says something, because she has not been without controversy.

But this time the cause was just— the tweet that set her off insisted that Jews, as a religion, could not be the victim of racism, so Rowling spoke out to decry anti-Semitism.

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Why We Daven

In a recent New York Times book review of Jonathan Weisman’s (((SEMITISM))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump, the famed author Simon Schama counseled, as a defense against anti-Semitism, “an aggressive defense of … the integrity of the democratic process, the protections of the Constitution and the preservation of the ideal of a nation of immigrants.” And, he added, “A little davening now and then wouldn’t do any harm.”

Ah, daven. A Yiddish word whose source is as elusive as the act itself–praying–is common.

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The Seven Words That Define Israel

To celebrate Israel’s 70th Independence Day, the Academy of the Hebrew Language asked Israelis to select the seven most influential words in the nation’s history, one for each decade. It’s a tough challenge: Which word best captures the uncertainty of the 1940s and 1950s, when the state was still busy being born and fighting for its survival? Which embodies the 1960s and 1970s, when the country was growing at a dizzying pace? And which best describes the 1980s and 1990s, when the nation grappled with war and peace, rampant globalization and political assassination, hope and despair? Thousands of Israelis wrote in with their thoughts, and, surprisingly for any task undertaken by a large group of Jews, a consensus was reached without too much difficulty. Here, then, to celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut, are the seven definitive Israeli words:

The First Decade (1948-1958): Atzmaut. No surprise, this word, meaning independence, was favored by 57 percent of voters.

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How Different Camera Techniques Forced Breaking Bad Viewers Into a Godlike Sense of Detachment

The always excellent film and television analysis platform ScreenPrism took a look at four different and unique camera techniques used throughout the series Breaking Bad that allowed viewers to remove themselves from the intense storyline and keep their distance for a little while. These specific techniques include wide aerial shots, timelapse, object perspective and “wide and closed”, each of which offers a simultaneously comforting godlike sense of detachment and a disturbing feeling of insignificance within the world.

Overall these four types of shots are powerful examples of how cinematography shapes storytelling and tone by making us see that what’s happening is inevitable. They allow us even force us into a degree of impartiality. …the characters of Breaking Bad think they can change things about their lives about who they are – but we know better, because from our vantage point we can see that what’s happening to them is about as inevitable as the Sun rising and setting or a chemical reaction running its course. And there’s nothing we can do but watch

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The Apartment Sessions Plays a Beautiful Cover of Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’ With Help From Neighbors

In February 2018, we wrote about a remarkable pair of roommates who completely clear out their entire apartment in order to host a full orchestra and chorus. Aptly named the “Apartment Sessions“, this ritual is performed, recorded and then posted on a monthly basis. The April 2018 performance was a wonderfully arranged cover of “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and included extra space provided by neighbors in the building.

Thrilled to share our biggest session yet as we test the boundaries of apartment-recording; this time featuring our neighbors (Instant Treeline), who graciously and consistently offer their space and gear, and never once complain about the noise. Community starts with neighborhood, and it means so much to be recording this song with these folks, almost a decade after blasting this record in Evan’s car while driving through Atlanta, dreaming of having a giant band like Arcade Fire, but unable to imagine the beautiful, talented, diverse and committed group of people that have somehow made their way to and from our apartment. Thank you, truly, to everyone who makes this community possible.

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Radiooooo, An Interactive Music Player That Lets Users Pick the Decade and Global Location of Songs

Radiooooo is a really fun interactive player that’s designed to let users not only choose a station but the decade, mood and the global location of the music of a specific era. Based out of Paris, the founding team members have created a musical time machine of sorts using music sourced through user input. Radiooooo is available as an iPhone and Android app or can be listened to via their website.

Once on the map, select a country and a decade and let the music play. All tracks have been discovered by users from all over the world and you can contribute by sending us your treasures too!


The folks of Radiooooo are also planning their next level experience with Le Globe – a standalone device that puts the music of the world at a user’s fingertips with an interactive 3D replication of Earth. has decided to take one step further in our quest to travel through time and space. We have decided to create an actual time machine! But not just for us, for everyone. Le Globe is automatically connected to Radioooo’s database so that your ears can be carried away into an infinite world of musical discoveries, curated with love by a crew of passionate melomaniacs. But we need your help to bring Le Globe to life!

via Open Culture

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A Special Effects Box That Features a Terrifying Screaming Ghost Head That Lunges Out at Victims

The Banshee Box is a terrifyingly awesome special effects box, built by VFX production manager and artist Doug Schaefer, featuring a hidden ghost head that lunges out at victims while letting out a bloodcurdling scream. In a video from March 2018, Brian Foreman of HaunTopic Radio showcased the illusion box while at the TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show. The box is available to purchase from the VFX store.

From this rustic wood box that looks empty, you can hear a music box playing along with whispers of a little girl that seems to ask “Why won’t you come and play with me?”. Once your audience is drawn closer to inspect – BOOM – you can Launch out the Screaming Light-up Banshee Face! (read more)

A post shared by VFXCREATES.COM (@vfxcreates) on

A post shared by VFXCREATES.COM (@vfxcreates) on

VFX also created a Ghost Containment Unit version of the special effects box.

A post shared by VFXCREATES.COM (@vfxcreates) on

via RM Videos

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The Cyborg Drummer Launches a Kickstarter Project to Create a Portable Version of His Prosthetic Arm

In 2015, we wrote about a short documentary by The Atlantic entitled “The Cyborg Drummer”, which told the story of Jason Barnes, a talented multi-instrumental musician who lost his right hand in an accident. Since that time, Barnes has been working with Gil Weinberg and his team at the Center for Music Technology within Georgia Tech College of Design to create a prosthetic that would meet the speed needs of a drummer. In addition to the drumming hand, Weinberg’s team developed a bionic hand inspired by Star Wars, which Barnes tested out on a piano. In April 2018, Barnes and Weinberg launched a Kickstarter project to make improvements upon the drumming prosthetic such as its portability, and allow Barnes to get out of the lab and travel with it, something he can’t do now.

Georgia Tech’s new policy doesn’t allow Jason to travel and perform with it freely or benefit from it personally. The prototype also requires a couple of computers and a technical team to operate. With the new portable arm that we hope you would help us develop, Jason would finally be able to own his arm and become the traveling musician he has always wanted to be.

The two men spoke with IEEE Spectrum about their fundraising goals, specifically where the money will be spent.

Weinberg: We want to allow Jason to explore superhuman abilities (for example two sticks that can play at speeds of 40 hertz— four times faster than the fastest human drummer). The components that allow for such capabilities are expensive. Moreover, building a prototype requires research, experimentation, correcting mistakes, etc., which increases cost. …With the new self-contained and portable arm that we hope to build with the help of the Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to allow Jason to experience and present both low latency dexterous control and the “mind of its own” capabilities on stage.

Barnes: The arm can play at speeds not humanly possible, it can also play strange polyrhythms that no human can play. It would help boost my creativity and my ability to play.

Weinberg and Barnes

via IEEE Spectrum

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Dungeons & Dragons co-creator’s unpublished works to become video games

The family of Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of Dungeons and Dragons, today announced it’s partnering with crowdfunding platform Fig to bring his unpublished works to the world as videos games. Gary Gygax developed D&D in the 1970s with Dave Arneson, and Alex Gygax (Gary’s youngest son, who is taking the lead on the operation) says he’s determined to ensure future games stick to the spirit of his father’s original work. As he told Polygon: [My father] always had the intention of taking certain product lines and transferring them to the digital realm, it just never came to fruition. There are…

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