Democratic Rep. Danny Davis Calls Louis Farrakhan ‘An Outstanding Human Being.’ Farrakhan Says Jews Are ‘Satanic’ And Did 9/11.

Last month, a photo was released of then-Senator Barack Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus with notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Taken at a CBC meeting in 2005, the picture had been suppressed by the photographer, who suspected it could adversely impact Obama’s political career.

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Today on Jewcy: Ideas from Amazon Prime.

There’s still time left to get your Jewish sweetie a gift for the dreaded Valentine’s Day. I searched for a list of Jewish V-Day gifts, and I found one, but then all the gifts turned out to be abstract ideas, like “love” and “Imperfection is the New Perfection.” That’s all well and good, but chocolate tastes better than mutual respect and understanding. So I made a list of present ideas of my own.

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Ethiopian-Israeli Teen Eden Alene Just Won Israel’s ‘X-Factor.’ Watch Her Stunning Performances.

Israel’s X-Factor, the Jewish state’s take on the popular reality singing competition, has often spotlighted unlikely actors in Israeli society. In 2014, a 47-year-old Filipino caregiver named Rose Fostanes took home the top prize. Last week, voters across Israel crowned Eden Alene, a 17-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli raised by her single Orthodox Jewish mother in Jerusalem, as the show’s newest champion.

Alene’s remarkable run began with her audition, in which she performed Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold”:

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Israeli Start Up Strives to Make Broadway Theaters More Accessible to Patrons with Disabilities

Even though Broadway theater is one of the biggest tourist draws in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, its accessibility has always been limited. From limited wheelchair accommodations to scant autism-friendly performances, patrons with disabilities often find roadblocks to experiencing a Broadway show. Recently, however, this has finally started to shift, and the newest major player is an Israeli startup, doing much of their work from an ocean way.

GalaPro, only operating since 2015, is short for “Gala Prompter,” because its major service is subtitles for live Broadway shows. The app has options for those who are hearing-impaired with subtitles or (soon) audio amplification, and also for those who are visually-impaired, with an audio track that narrates the action happening onstage (similar technology exists for film).

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Great Moments In Jewish Winter Olympic History

The PyoeongChang Olympic Games are just around the corner, and Jews across the globe are lacing up their skates, strapping on their helmets, and, I don’t know, polishing their curling brooms? Regardless, Israel is sending its largest delegation ever, and multiple Americans are competing in everything from skeleton to figure skating.

But before we move forward to new, icy heights (peaks?), let’s take a step back and look at some the great moments in Jewish Winter Olympic history.

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The Lead Designer of BARK Explains What Goes In to Creating the Perfect Dog Toy

Quartz visited the New York City offices of BARK to speak with the creative lead Mikkel Holm Jensen about what goes into designing toys for dogs. Jensen, an industrial designer who had previously worked at LEGO’s Future Lab likened making toys for children to making toys for canines.

Designing toys, designing experiences for dogs and their people, Ithink it’s very similar to designing for kids. One of the things I loved especially at LEGO is taking the kids seriously and I think the same thing goes for the dogs. … We pick up their poop. Like it is silly so we can’t be that serious.

Jensen went on to talk about the things they do take seriously, the design of the toy for the enjoyment of both dog and human, the safety of the toy and the appropriateness of the toy, although one big exception has been made with their best selling toy ever – “The Dognald“.

Sometimes we’ve had human characters as the thing that the dog would bite into and I think they’ve been not as fun as we thought it gonna be, It wasn’t seen as appropriate for the dog to kind of chew up the vet. …It just blew up. We saw two groups of people buying it; one ‘I’m a big Donald Trump fan. I want my dog to be part of this as well’, the other one ‘I’m really not into Donald Trump I want my dog to bite into this character’.

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A Man Tearfully Mourns His Dying, Hospital Ridden Anthropomorphic Smartphone

In a silly College Humor skit, comedian Mike Trapp is waiting in a hospital hallway when he’s called in by a doctor who tells him that his phone is dying and doesn’t have long to live. After exploring any and all options, Trapp and his anthropomorphic smartphone (Raphael Chestang) come to a place of acceptance. Trapp tearfully mourns his phone while saying goodbye, but vows to buy a better version in the future.

My phone? Why couldn’t it have just been a distant relative or something??

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The Gorgeously Elaborate Process of Making Traditional Chinese Nanshan Noodles by Hand

Stick Wrapping

In the Chinese village of Nanshan, a single family has passed down the recipe for hand-pulled noodles made from scratch for generations. The recipe for these noodles, known as Nanshan noodles or Suomian noodles, is only known by a few hundred people and require a gorgeously elaborate, meticulous and labor intensive process, which was captured by More China in a documentary with English Subtitles.

he kind of Chinese noodles exists for more than 300 years, but only 300 people know the process for how to make it. The character who still keep making this kind of noodles for 30 years, that become the master of Nanshan noodles.

Making Nashan Noodles

Checking Drying Noodles

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Wet Neon, Street Artist Captures the Beauty of Neon Lights Reflected in Puddles at Night After the Rain

A post shared by LOCAL PREACHER (@thisset) on

In his photo series “Wet Neon“, Russian street artist Local Preacher has captured the beauty of neon lights as reflected at night in road puddles left behind after a rain. While this may be a common sight every where in the world, Local Preacher has found a particular romance of the ordinary, as stated in the prologue of the series.

In my opinion all the most beautiful and really valuable things are right before our eyes from the very childhood, and probably for this reason we stop to notice it when we grow up. Seeing the splendor in things that other people call dull or even unpleasant is a very controversial gift, but at the same time wonderful. In this set I want to present to your attention the beauty of the defects of ordinary roads in an ordinary city after the ordinary rain.

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Simon’s Cat Tries to Charm the Pretty Kitty He Loves With a Heart Shaped Balloon on Valentine’s Day

A lovestruck Simon’s Cat presented the pretty kitty whom he adores with a thoughtful gift of a heart-shaped balloon for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, his beloved didn’t understand the gift and began walking away, but came right back when Simon’s Cat demonstrated how to play with the balloon. The two cats were having fun volleying the balloon back and forth, but the combination of claws and balloons led to a very certain outcome that scared the both of them into hiding. It was here that Simon’s Cat saw his opportunity, but for the distracting butterfly floating by.

Simon's Cat Butterfly

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